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©2021 by Sword of the Lord Biblical Counseling and Training Center, a ministry of Bet Shalom Church

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Asking for help can be overwhelming. But it doesn't have to be. At Sword of the Lord we strive to offer counseling/services that are:

Christ Centered
We offer Christ-centered, theologically driven counseling that understands the human condition through God’s Word. We believe in a Tri-une God. Our counseling approach is body, soul, and Spirit. 

Clinically Informed
Our counselors seek to be clinically informed in order to best communicate and care for all clients.

We aim to offer compassionate care that addresses a person’s heart and to find tangible solutions to navigating life in a fallen world in Christ-like ways.

Highly Trained
Our counselors are highly trained and bring vast experience in addressing the various issues of life. We are happy to work in conjunction with medical professional for clients with physical issues. We are trauma informed as well.
Our desire is that everyone can access counseling. We offer sliding scale fees and scholarships for those who would not otherwise be able to have access to counseling. 

Training Designed to help NOW!

We offer parent training and Interactive metronome training. Our counselors are ready to help with big, baffling behaviors, mental health issues, and offer solutions to help with ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities, Brain Injuries, Trauma, Memory and balance issues, Sensory processing disorders, impulsivity, anger, depression, and more.

Get confidential and affordable care from one of our theologically educated and professionally trained counselors

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