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Lisa Marie Ray

I have been working with children and families off and on since 1989. In 1994, I gave birth to a child with special needs. In 1997, My son was diagnosed with Autism, severe ADHD, and was deemed medically fragile. In 2008, God allowed me to donate my kidney to my son. I worked as executive director for several years serving children and families with terminal illnesses. I have worked with foster and adopted children and children with special needs such as Autism, Down syndrome, ADHD, etc. I have a heart for children and families and a desire to come alongside parents to help meet the unique needs of children who have big, baffling behaviors. I feel the Lord has equipped me and called me to work with children with learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, Adopted and foster children and families, and children with Trauma. I am not a licensed counselor. I have a MA in Biblical Counseling; I serve as the Lead counselor and Exective Director of Sword of the Lord Counseling and Training Center.  I am a certified Mental Health coach, a certified interactive Metronome Provider, and I am trained in early childhood intervention and have experience in working in that field. I am currently pursuing my Master's Degree as a behavior therapist. I enjoy working with Women and love helping Women discover who they are in Christ. I have a special interest in Relational Neurosciences and desire to learn everything I can about the brain.  I wholeheartedly believe in Healing and have many testimonies of God's healing in my own life. I am a lover of the hardest people to love, and I love a challenge! I believe that the brain can change, new connections can be made, and healing can come. I would love to partner with you to see how God will work in your life or in your child's life. I am the mother to 5 adult children and enjoy being married to my best friend. 

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I am currently accepting new clients. I look forward to hearing from you. 


Susan Clark

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I have spent years in ministry working with children ranging from infants to middle schoolers, even while I was in high school.  In 2003, I began working with women in women's ministry.  Lisa Marie and I met in December of 2019 and have been friends and ministry partners since then working with a deliverance ministry that evolved into working specifically with women coming out of traumatic and harmful lifestyles.  We began Sword of the Lord in 2021 with the blessing of our home church Bet Shalom and Pastor Greg Muse as a way to take our experiences and knowledge to help others find healing and help.  I believe that each person is a beautiful creation of the Father and desire that each knows this deep in the heart and soul. I was treated for depression for over 20 years and know that it is through faith that I overcame this.  There is power in the Word of God and we can go to the Creator Himself for healing, revelation, and restoration.

I am a Biblical Counselor (MA in Christian counseling), Certified Mental Health Coach, Interactive Metronome Provider, and trained in Anger Management.  I attend continuing education classes so that I am more informed to better serve those who walk through our doors. 

My husband fully supports me in this work and I couldn't ask for a better mate and friend.  I have three adult girls, two of which are married and have given me six grandchildren.


Contact Me

I am currently accepting new clients. I look forward to hearing from you. 


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