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Are you open to God working a miracle in your marriage?

Here at Sword of the Lord counseling we believe in restoring marriages, and restoring hope in your marriage. We use an integrative approach to marriage counseling called Focus Marital Therapy. When a marriage reaches the breaking point, it is critical for a couple to receive compassionate care from someone who can step in and help. Christian marriages are struggling at unprecedented levels. We integrate solid biblical teaching with healthy psychological principles. We embrace both the individual spouse and the marital relationship as the current focus for treatment. We believe in helping couples to understand what a gospel centered marriage is and how to have one. We were designed by God for relationship. Our increasingly demanding and busy lifestyle has created barriers to strong relationships. We have partnered with Focus on the family to bring hope and restoration to marriages and families. The focus marital model helps hurting couples learn to communicate effectively, rebuild trust, and repair past hurts. 

Hope Restored for your marriage

What is Hope Restored?

What is Hope Restored?A Hope Restored marriage counseling is a biblically based, Christian counseling experience for couples facing a crisis moment in their marriage or suffering from years of disconnection and relationship decay. Our  Christian counselors are trained to work with couples with deep hurts and long-term problems

What makes this different?

What makes Hope Restored different? The redemptive hope of the Gospel is at the center of our therapy. As you and your spouse experience Christ’s grace and forgiveness — first as individuals, then as a couple — you can start on a path to restoration. Our counseling tools and coaching are rooted in Focus on the Family’s understanding of God’s design for marriage as a sacred, lifelong covenant between a man and a woman.

Can Hope Restored Really Help?

How can Hope Restored help?The Focus Marital Therapy™ method allows you to break patterns of conflict and miscommunication more effectively.  Most couples feel their situation is uniquely “bad,” and the hurts they’ve endured run deep. But God’s grace, forgiveness, and love are available to everyone. If you feel stuck in a miserable marriage or are pondering divorce, Hope Restored marriage counseling can help.

Things we work on:

  • Communication

  • Infidelity

  • Financial Issues

  • Pornography

  • Self-Care

  • Intimacy

  • Marriage Restoration

  • Conflict

  • Understanding the Hot Buttons in your marriage

  • How to pray for your spouse

  • and much more!


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